+Our Mission


BSR Solutions consistently delivers superior outcomes for its clients, built on a foundation of proven methodologies and robust quality-assurance processes. We give practical and achievable business advice, based on our depth of experience and your business needs.

+Our Promise

Our success is defined by our clients: ultimately, our quality, our people and our advice will all be judged by what we do for you. We continually review our performance and standards to ensure that our services represent value-for-money, and maximise the benefits to our clients.

+Why Choose

Quite simply, BSR Solutions demonstrates that an independent consulting practice can deliver quality solutions. We deliver premium, vendor-independent work, on-time and on-budget. Our advice and solutions are clearly explained, practical and workable.


Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standard

Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Case

Mk3 Building Consultants

Assistance with Tender Response Preparation achieves successful outcome for Major Building Maintenance and Repair Company

Land Management Data Base

Enhancement and Support of the Land Management Data Base Improves Performance and Functionality for Clients

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